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According to the world economic forum, climate change and the destruction of nature is the single most important issue for people under 45 years old. Much of what has been done in the past decade to fight climate change has been driven by global pledges, governments, and nonprofits.

However, consumer pressures are changing and forcing enterprises to change and put climate at the forefront of their operations. While a step in the right direction – fast-moving enterprise will disrupt traditional players and models in the next 7-10 years disrupting agriculture, supply chains, fast-moving consumer goods, (FMCG), production, and carbon abatement and capture. We want to be on the front lines leading the charge.

Half Basis is a Startup Studio and Venture Fund that incubates, co-founds, and invests in market disruptors who strive to create a positive footprint on our planet’s environment, and we are looking for great founders and great ideas to invest in and help grow.

Our pedigree is such. As founders and consultants, we’ve built companies for partners from the ground up whose cumulative sum exit values exceeded several billion dollars. We now look to apply this knowledge to marketable innovations that present a clear path towards an exit. We take an active, hands-on approach with all our companies, leveraging our own operating knowledge and professional networks to benefit our investments. To us, each HalfBasis company is an extension of us and our ecosystem. 

Why Climate Investment?

In May 2019 atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reached its all-time high of 415 ppm, and we’re only 0.15 degrees away from passing our 1C target. Growth in atmospheric CO2 concentrations is leading to a warming of the oceans, algal blooms that suffocate marine environments, destruction of our reefs, ecosystem decline, and countless other ecological disasters like changing weather patterns, increased frequencies of hurricanes, more severe heatwaves, add to this the predicted economic damage of ~ $2.3 trillion / annually. from increased atmospheric CO2. It’s a monumental problem, in an equally sized market. Add ocean pollution, plastics, and atmospheric methane to the mix and things start looking pretty bleak.

Climate is the top concern for consumers in 2020, beating COVID. 85% of all consumer worry about pollution, 91% about climate change, and 81% expect brands to be environmentally conscious. 

Nearly half (48.8%) of Millenials state climate change as their top concern; 78.1% said they would be willing to change their lifestyle to protect the environment; and 91% agree that humans are responsible for climate change. 

70% of Americans age 18 to 34 worry about global warming…This compares with 62% of those 35 to 54 and 56% who are 55 or older. – Public concern about global warming is evident across all age groups in the U.S., with majorities of younger and older Americans saying they worry about the problem a great deal or a fair amount.

According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Carbon Capture and Storage market is expected to grow from $2.253 billion in 2016 to reach $4.205 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 10.9%.

The success of companies such as 4Ocean has proven that the market is ready for for-profit companies to take the reigns on change, and nonprofits like Parley. tv has laid the basic groundwork that proves brand partnerships for the environment are not only doable but can be lucrative to both partners in a co-branding relationship. 

Who we’re looking for.

Startup Climate Tech

Exceptional founders with unique insight in a market poised for substantial growth who are working on disruptive marketable technologies and processes with a global application.


Connected products, software, and technologies that leverage AI to drive considerable process improvements in transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, & fast moving consumer goods.


Consumer and industrial products and equipment that epitomize clean and efficient manufacturing, or present novel energy storage.


Decentralized, distributed technologies and services. 

Why Half Basis?

Our name is our mission. Working towards an economic impact that is equivalent to half a basis point of the global economy. If we manage to achieve this monumental task, we believe that this organization, the portfolio companies, and the people working for them will have made a meaningful impact on the biggest problem facing our planet today.

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