About Us

We invest in companies fighting to save our planet, and put a percentage of our own income into ecological preservation and reforestation.

Our mission & values

We build, incubate, and grow responsible businesses whose focus is the betterment of our natural world.?

Transparency: We believe in transparency of process, funds, and data. We freely share our activities and updates with Half Basis members.

Conservation: We need to protect and reestablish our habitat from all manner of threats; we have one planet, must save it.

Innovation: We need to invest in new methods of doing business; we need to learn to live in harmony with nature and pursue solutions and products that drive us towards this goal.


Working to save the 🌎.

Since our inception, Half Basis has been working towards ecological conservation, and at present, we are allocating 10% of our income into a fund that seeks to buy land for ecological preservation and reforestation.?

If you have questions about our initiative please reach out to us at hello [at] halfbasis.com

Our Story

After selling his services business, our founder, Jace wanted to do something that matters.?

Jace Grebski

Jace Grebski


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To minimize our eco-footprint for the? ? we are a fully remote company.?

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