We incubate, co-found, and grow companies and products that strive to create a positive footprint on our planet's environment.

We allocate 10% of our income to environmental conservation. Read more about our commitment to you and the planet.


We partner with existing businesses to help them scale. Our hands on approach leverages our network’s knowledge, experience in venture design, positioning your startup for growth.


We work with dedicated individuals and organizations to co-create?new ventures. No ideas needed, if you’re committed to building the next socially responsible high-growth company, apply.


We invest in early stage high growth companies that meet our? criteria. As a Half Basis company you’ll have access to our professional network, community, experience, and access to capital.

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Our blog will give you an insight into the type of content that we write and how we think about inbound marketing.??

Our Point of View: Climate, Investment, and Why HalfBasis

Our Point of View: Climate, Investment, and Why HalfBasis

According to the world economic forum, climate change and the destruction of nature is the single most important issue for people under 45 years old. Much of what has been done in the past decade to fight climate change has been driven by global pledges, governments,...

What is the best way to save the Oceans?

What is the best way to save the Oceans?

The oceans are getting warmer, and this is causing coral reef bleaching, disease, marine dead zones that lack any trace of oxygen and are impossible for marine life to live in. There's also the plastic issue that gets a lot of attention due to its unsightly nature....

Planting Trees Won’t be Enough to End Climate?Change.?

Planting Trees Won’t be Enough to End Climate?Change.?

We hear a lot of people touting reforestation as the solution to reverse climate change, and while reforestation is great for a number of reasons ranging from water capture, to wildlife preservation, as a mechanism to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, It is an...

Grow your company and save the 🌎.

Our mission is to conserve and re-establish as much of our earth?s ecosystem as possible. We do this by allocating 10% of our earnings each month into a fund whose sole purpose is to buy endangered land for the purposes of ecological conservation and?invest in carbon abatement activities like reforestation, awareness, and education.

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Their insight and approach is a breath of fresh air. They’re a strategic, technical thinking group with deep domain experience. Their adherence to best-practice execution is supported by creativity and curiosity.

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To minimize our eco-footprint for the? ? we are a fully remote company.?

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